Megger tester, Megger Repair, Megger Calibration Service
Megger High Voltage Repair

Megger PAT

The Megger PAT is available for repair and calibration service. In fact, we provide Biddle Megger repair service for All Biddle Megger meters.

Megger PAT Repair & Calibration Service

The Megger PAT Tool & Appliance Tester 235303 is available for Megger Repair and Megger Calibration Services. Also the Megger PAT Portable Appliance Tester PAT320 is available for Megger Repair and Megger Calibration Services.



If you would like a Megger PAT tool and appliance tester Megger 235303 repair or calibration quotation, or a Biddle repair quotation, Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and a customer service specialist will be in touch with you shortly.


The Megger PAT Portable Appliance Tester PAT320-us Repair

Megger PAT Megger Tool & Appliance Tester data:

• Complete UL andANSItesting in less than one minute

• Safeguards tools and appliances against shock hazard

• Reduces downtime and protects against injury and liability

• Maintains compliance with OSHA safety regulations

The Tool and Appliance Tester combines, in one portable unit, the three most frequently specified electrical safety tests for tools and appliances. In conformance to the latest UL andANSItest requirements, the instrument performs tests of ground continuity, leakage current and electrical insulation; it also checks the nameplate current rating of the device.


While poorly maintained electrical tools can become a safety hazards and cause injury to personnel, the testing electrical tools on a regular basis is not only safe practice against potential costly repairs, but may even reduce liability. Applications for this handy instrument include in-plant OSHA safety surveys and production lines, tool rooms, and repair shops safety checks.

Features and Benefits

* Full conformance to latest UL andANSItest requirements.

*Meter reading — not just “good/bad” indications.

*  Test procedures color-coded in sequence on front panel for ease of use.

*  Ground check bypass switch permits testing of two-wire or double-insulated devices.

*  Removable lid with metal tray holds device under test.

*  Heavy-duty case with carrying strap.

*  Front-panel NEMA 5-15 output receptacle, with adapters available to convert to a 20-ampere plug or twist lock up to 30-amperes

Contact us for your Megger PAT , Megger PAT320 and Meger 235303 repair or calibration inquiries, Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and a customer service specialist will be in touch with you shortly.

We provide Megger repair and Megger calibration for ALL Megger test instruments including both current Biddle Megger meters and discontinued Biddle Megger test equipment.









































































































































































































































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 Megger 235303 Repair           

235303  Tool & Appliance Tester

Megger 1001-366 Repair

Megger PAT320-US Repair

Portable Appliance Tester  

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