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Megger 10 kV Insulation Tester

The Megger MIT1020/2 (Catalog # 1000-380) is a 10kV Insulation Resistance Tester which is available for Megger MIT1020/2 Sales, Megger MIT1020/2 Calibration and Megger MIT1020/2 Repair Service!

Megger MIT1020/2  (Catalog # 1000-380) Analog/Digital 10 kV Megger 500/1000/2500/5000/10,000 V; 35 Tohms; Cat IV 600V   List Price $5,445.00  (For sales pricing, please call or fill out our quick quote form for faster service.)

For complete insulation testing capability of all high-capital equipment, Megger offers a 10-kV unit, the Megger MIT1020/2. The universal testing standard for rotational equipment, IEEE 43-2000, increased the test voltage recommendation to 10 kV for equipment rated 12 kV and above. Full compliance with this standard can be attained with the MIT1020/2. This Megger MIT1020/2 model offers all the capabilities already mentioned, plus an increased test voltage to 10 kV. As with the MIT520/2, test voltage can be set in 25 V increments, but now all the way to 10 kV. Measurement range has been expanded commensurately with the highest rated equipment, to 35 TΩ.

Line supply or battery operated
• Digital/analog backlit display
• Measurement range to 15 TΩ (5-kV models) and 35 TΩ (10-kV model)

• Automatic insulation resistance tests
• Automatic dielectric absorption ratio, polarization index, step voltage, and dielectric discharge tests (MIT520/2 and MIT1020/2)
• RS232 or USB download of results (MIT520/2 and MIT1020/2)
• Ingress protection to IP65
• 3 mA short circuit current

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